Milwaukee Area Postural Experience

Functional Movement Screen

The Functional Movement Screening (FMS) is a seven-point assessment system that measures movement patterns essential to normal function. By screening a series of movements, I can identify an athlete’s mobility, stability and strength limitations and assign appropriate corrective exercises.
Think of it this way: even if a car has a flat tire, it can still be driven pretty fast; however, the tires use up extra energy. Eventually that extra energy will distort the tires and affect the car’s overall alignment. Likewise in fitness, athletes are capable of “driving on flat tires,” sometimes without realizing it. FMS helps to identify and correct those movement issues before the body is thrown too far out of alignment.


Identifies abnormal movements early to prevent injuries

Helps reduce the potential for training and sports plateau and injuries

Improves functional fitness and athletic performance

Identifies physical imbalances, limitations and weaknesses

Improves fundamental movement patterns with simple corrective exercises

Increase the effectiveness of your current workout routine

How does FMS+ Program work?

1. Set an appointment for yourself or a small group

2. Receive a complete Functional Movement Screen to identify any movement restrictions or motor control issues.

3. Spend 30-45 minutes with a skilled personal trainer who will guide you through the 7 best exercises you can perform to correct your movement patters.

4. Leave the assessment knowing your movement restrictions and with a clear photo and description based exercise guide for your 7 ideal movements for your current FMS level

5. Reassess every 2 weeks until you’ve reached your optimal movement patterns

6. Once you’ve regained your movement completely, check in every 3 months to maintain your newly achieved stability and mobility. 

• Groups must be 3-6 people.
• Groups of 2 will be charged 2x the individual rate