Milwaukee Area Postural Experience

Postural Analysis & Correction Program

Postural Analysis & Correction Program is an exercise-based program that helps to alleviate the symptoms associated with poor posture, such as back pain, joint de-generation, rounded shoulders and spinal dysfunction and more. While working one-on-one with a Postural, Movement and Performance Expert, a program is tailored to your individual situation, and includes both a Postural Assessment and specific Postural Correction techniques to help improve your overall quality of life.

What are the benefits of the Postural Analysis & Correction Program?
• Strengthen the specific muscles needed for postural correction and increase core strength.
• Improve flexibility for postural maintenance and alleviate tension and pain associated with poor posture.
• Increase physical capacity including strength and endurance!
• Receive a tailor made program for your specific needs, easy to follow video/photo examples of all exercises and custom-made exercise tracking sheets.

Each participant in the Postural Analysis & Correction Program will receive three 15-minute postural assessments and a one-hour training session to review the 12-week correction plan. The first assessment is used to develop a comprehensive program for correction. The second assessment is performed approximately 6 weeks into the 12-week correction phase to ensure the exercise program is having the desired effect. The 3rd and last assessment in the 12-week program is performed in the 12th week to determine if further corrective action is needed.

For most healthy men and women the process to balance posture takes between 12-18 months or 4-6 correction cycles. After which time an annual postural assessment (complimentary to all previous clients) is encouraged to prevent postural degeneration due to lifestyle patterns.